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Workplace Retaliation Attorney in Northern Virginia


If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, you'll likely need to comply with your employer's policies regarding reporting the discrimination. Similarly, if you observe illegal behavior, you may have a legal or ethical duty to blow the whistle or to refuse to engage in an illegal act. You'll then need to cooperate and assist in any investigation that your employer conducts into your allegations. But what if you're afraid to complain for fear of retaliation? What if you do complain, and then you are disciplined, terminated, or subject to harassment?

You're not alone. Whistleblowing or discrimination complaints can often lead to retaliation. And employers who find themselves well-protected when opposing a discrimination suit may nevertheless face liability for the retaliatory acts of some employee after the initial complaint. But without experienced employment law counsel, Virginia employees may find themselves forced to deal with harassment, retaliation, or both, all with no ability to prove it in Court.

J. Madison PLC has experience helping clients put a stop to harassment while preventing retaliation. And while we help you understand your employer's anti-discrimination complaint process, we'll also help you document what you've had to go through and any retaliation that occurs after you complain. If we're forced to escalate your complaints to a government agency or Court, we'll help you assert multiple claims against your employer for both discrimination and retaliation.

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