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Workplace Harassment Lawyer in Northern Virginia


Workplace harassment is a kind of discrimination. And there can be many kinds of harassment. In most circumstances, harassment becomes illegal when it is (1) based upon a protected characteristic or activity and (2) severe or pervasive enough to create a hostile or abusive work environment. Both elements must be satisfied, however. So, employers can normally permit an abusive environment if the abuse isn't based upon a protected characteristic like sex or race. And employers can also get away with a certain amount of unfair treatment that is based on protected characteristics, when that behavior isn't severe or frequent enough to create a hostile work environment. This is true even if the abuse is based upon race, sex, color, national origin, disability, or age.

Employers who face harassment claims in Court have multiple defenses available to them. In our experience, employees rarely understand how to protect their legal rights, avoid retaliation, and pursue compensation. That's why J. Madison PLC helps its clients document that harassment, make the appropriate complaints, and respond to retaliation. When necessary, we litigate harassment claims in Court, before agencies, and in front of private arbitrators. Harassment can also lead to generic or severe emotional distress, and J. Madison PLC is experienced in helping its clients secure compensation for emotional harm.

If you are facing unwanted attention or abuse in your workplace, contact J. Madison PLC today to understand your rights, how to protect yourself, and how to secure compensation.

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