White Collar Crime Lawyer in Northern Virginia

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Northern Virginia


A white-collar crime is a non-violent, financially-motived crime generally committed by people in positions of trust. Although these crimes don’t involve violence, they are still criminal offenses and carry the possibility of significant jail time. The term white-collar can cover a wide scope of crimes in the business and/or employment world, with anything from tax evasion to money laundering. These charges can have very strict consequences, making it crucial that you understand how to build your defense.

If you’ve been charged with a white-collar crime, you need to pick an experienced attorney that you can trust. That’s why you need the legal team at J. Madison PLC to help you.

Common White-Collar Crimes

There are a variety of charges that fit under the category of white-collar crime, most often involving some form of financial fraud. Some common white-collar crimes and their respective penalties are…

  • Tax Evasion: If a person purposefully supplies fraudulent information on tax forms, doesn’t provide complete information, or simply doesn’t do taxes, they could be charged with tax evasion.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement occurs when a person has lawful custody of money (or something else of value) and reappropriates it to his own use.
  • Fraud: Fraud using a false statement or omission to obtain something of value. There is an entire chapter devoted to frauds in the criminal code.
  • Forgery: Forgery is signing someone else’s name with the intent to deceive.

White-Collar Crime Penalties

Just because white-collar crimes are non-violent crimes doesn’t mean they don’t have serious consequences. The penalties for white-collar crimes vary in severity depending on the crime committed, but many of them can lead to job termination, hefty fines and restitution, jail time, and a damaged reputation.

If you’ve been charged with a white-collar crime, consult with a white-collar defense attorney immediately and make sure you understand the potential penalties associated with your charge.

Defending Against a White-Collar Criminal Charge

The ideal defense for your white -collar crime will depend on the white-collar crime committed, but in any case, it’s important that you partner with an attorney that is experienced and that you trust. At J. Madison PLC, we have the experience, diligence and determination to help you formulate the best defense available. Our attorneys will work closely with you to formulate the best defense strategy under the circumstances.

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