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What’s My Virginia Employment Law Case Worth?

A reader asks: I was hired for a seasonal position with a company but dismissed after orientation and before my job began. I was told that I was being dismissed because the company had over-hired for the season. I was also supposed to receive a $550 bonus, but the company refused to pay it. They…
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No Guns at Work!

A Virginia employee asks: My employee handbook specifies that I can't have any weapons on company property "while on the clock." I went to my place of work open carrying to help place a food order. I never clocked in and I was there for about 15 or 20 minutes. Four days later I was terminated.…
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I Quit My Job. Do I still Have a Case?

A Virginia employee writes in to ask: I have been the victim of a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation for about the last two months. My supervisor is the one who is harassing and discriminating against me. I couldn't take any more humiliation in front of my teammates. So, due to the…
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