Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Virginia


J. Madison PLC can help put a stop to unwanted sexual harassment in the workplace. Whether you're facing unwanted harassment from a boss, colleague, contractor, or customer, Virginia and federal law protect you. But these protections aren't self-executing. J. Madison PLC has years of experience protecting clients from sexual harassment and prosecuting their claims against employers.

Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace comes in two varieties. Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a superior offers advantageous treatment, such as a promotion or pay raise, in exchange for sexual favors. And Hostile Work Environment harassment occurs when the sexual harassment is severe or pervades the workplace. Both are illegal, and Virginia employees who face either variety of harassment in their workplace should act quickly to protect themselves.

J. Madison PLC can help you do that, and we can help protect you should you face retaliation for reporting the conduct. Don't make the mistake of handling your sexual harassment claim without the benefit of experienced counsel. And don't put up with a boss or colleague who is preying upon you or using their position of power against you.

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If you are facing discrimination, harassment, or retaliation at work, or if you feel that you've been wrongfully terminated, J. Madison PLC may be able to help. But before we can talk to you about your case, we need to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. Give us your name and contact information, and enough information to conduct the conflict of interest check, and we'll get in touch as soon as we confirm we're not on the other side.