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In some cases, a potential client's employer treats them illegally but the law does not provide an avenue to achieve substantial monetary damages. Virginia employees who find themselves in this situation may be entitled to non-monetary relief, such as court order to the employer directing them to comply with the law. In these cases, there is rarely a monetary settlement or verdict for J. Madison PLC to take its fee from. Nevertheless, Virginia employees are entitled to counsel to resolve these claims, and J. Madison PLC is available to assist for an hourly fee. Our hourly fee structure follows a fee structure many firms in the Baltimore Washington area rely upon called the Adjusted Laffey Matrix.

Sometimes a Virginia employee elects to hire us on an hourly fee basis even when we are willing to represent them on a contingent fee basis. Clients sometimes find this appropriate when they prefer not to risk the possibility that they will have to pay us more than our hourly market rate, as can happen if we resolve a case quickly for a large sum.

Our Employment Law Investigation and Litigation Process in Hourly Cases

When we represent clients on an hourly fee basis in negotiations and litigation, we normally follow a six-step process:

  1. We meet with potential clients in a case evaluation to determine whether there's a likelihood that the client's employer treated them illegally, and whether the potential client suffered damages as a result.
  2. When we discover in a case evaluation a likelihood that a potential client has a claim, we extend to that potential client an offer of representation for an hourly fee.
  3. After the potential client agrees, and becomes our client, we conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the client's case. In that investigation, we review the client's timeline and evidence, and we talk to as many witnesses as we can.
  4.  After the investigation we determine whether a claim can be asserted against the employer in good faith and, if so, the remedies available to the client.
  5.  We attempt to negotiate a resolution of our client's claims with the employer.
  6. If the employer is unwilling to voluntarily resolve the client's claims through a settlement, we litigate our client's claims wherever appropriate, including in state and federal court, before state or federal agencies, and in front of private arbitrators.

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