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When do Virginia Employers Have to Give Employees Breaks?

I received the following question from the¬†Ask a Question¬†page: In Virginia, When Do Employers Have To Give Employees Breaks? This question has the potential to appear deceptively simple, so let's start with the general rule and see if it applies in all cases. In General, A Virginia Employer Is Not Required To Give Employees Breaks.…
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What is Employment Discrimination?

When I speak to potential clients, perhaps no term is thrown around more often then "discrimination." Sometimes, a potential client uses it correctly. More often, however, I find that people who come to me don't have a good understanding of what the law regards as discrimination. That is, many people don't know what makes discrimination…
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Welcome to Virginia Employment Law Answers

Greetings, friends and potential clients. Welcome to the inaugural post of J. Madison PLC's Virginia Employment Law Answers. Here's what I hope to accomplish here. Lots of attorneys have blogs. If you read any attorney marketing material, it's pretty much a prerequisite. Attorneys post blog posts so that they can rise higher in the search…
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